Plenary/Invited Speakers


Mike Peng Li, Intel
– Advancements and Challenges for Electrical Interfaces from 56 Gbps to 112 Gbps and Beyond

Erman Timurdogan, Analog Photonics, USA
– Scaling Silicon Photonics Transceivers from 400Gbps to beyond 1Tbps on a 300mm Wafer Platform

Mohamed Youssef, Mentor Graphics, USA
– Integrated Photonics and the evolution of Electronic Design Automation


Hiroshi Yamazaki, NTT Network Innovation Labs., Japan
– Ultra-High-Speed Optical Transmitters Using Digital-Preprocessed Analog-Multiplexed Dac

George Papen, University of California at San Diego, USA
– The Promise and Perils of Optical Switching within Datacenters

Dan Blumenthal, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
– Frequency Stabilized Lasers for Coherent Fiber Interconnects in the Datacenter

Alan Wang, Oregon State University, USA
– High-Speed Atto-Joule Per Bit Photonic Crystal Nanocavity Modulator

Reza Motaghian, Amazon, USA
– Paradigm shift in intra-DCI signaling

Zuowei Shen, Google
– Requirements of Optical Interconnects for Next Generation Data Centers

Stelios Pitris, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
– Board-Level Transceiver And Routing Technologies for Chip-To-Chip Optical Interconnect Architectures

Hitesh Ballani, Microsoft, UK
– Data center switching: Challenges and Opportunities

Haisheng Rong, Intel
– A 112 Gb/s Optical Link Based on Silicon Photonics and CMOS Electronics